Transform your eyes
into a work of art


Unique artwork thanks to your eyes

The human iris is more individualized than your fingerprint! Our technology allows us to capture your eye with amazing clarity and detail. Come to our store for an original experience. You will be able to discover our iris gallery on site.

How it works

It takes only a couple of minutes


Book an appointment now through our website. Come to our store on the day of your appointment.


Your photo is taken, we will remove small details such as reflections or residues that may appear.


Finally, we print your iris photo - professional printing on high-quality photo paper. You can choose the size of the photo. Printing is done in a few seconds.

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What does a photo session at Artiris look like?

A photo session at Artiris is a unique and personalized experience. Upon your arrival at our boutique, we welcome you and discuss your expectations and preferences for the session. Our state-of-the-art technology is then used to capture a high-resolution image of your iris, ensuring every intricate detail is vividly highlighted. We meticulously edit the image to remove any imperfections, such as reflections or residues, ensuring the final product is flawless.

Following the photo shoot, you have the opportunity to select your preferred photo size for printing. We offer professional printing on high-quality photo paper, which brings out the vibrant colors and details of your iris. The printing process is quick, allowing you to see the stunning results in just a few seconds.

Throughout the session, our team is dedicated to making the experience enjoyable and comfortable, ensuring that you leave with a unique piece of art that truly represents the beauty of your eyes.

Our Offers

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Your right iris and left iris are different. We choose one to photograph by selecting the details and take a picture using our unique technology! The image is processed and printed on site. Book your appointment now.

Come for iris photos with family, as a couple, or even solo. Artiris is the only company in Montreal to take iris photographs. Find us at our premises and discover our iris gallery.
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Our company, named "ARTiRiS," is dedicated to capturing the unique beauty of the eye's iris. We believe that each iris is unique and has its own visual identity, just like a fingerprint. Therefore, we have established our company to offer our clients high-quality photography of their iris, so they can appreciate its unique beauty alone or with family. Our professional photographers use cutting-edge techniques to capture every detail of the iris. We also offer a range of options for printing and displaying the photos, from art prints to canvas enlargements for an artistic presentation of the iris. Come discover our store and visit our IRIS gallery



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