Transform your eyes
into a work of art

Artíris, iris photography in Montreal

Transform your eyes
into a work of art

Artíris, iris photography in Montreal

How does it work?


Schedule a visit to our facility. During your photo session, we immortalize your iris with our advanced technology, capturing in just a few moments all the subtleties of your eyes.


Once picture taken, we refine the image by eliminating unwanted details such as reflections and residues, giving you an optimized photograph. You can choose to add a graphic effect to your iris photo.


Finally, we professionally print your iris photograph on high-quality photo paper. You can also choose to have your photo printed on other media (acrylic, canvas, metal).

At Artiris, every iris photograph is carefully hand-edited by our graphic designers. This artisan method enables us to guarantee authenticity and an image fidelity highlighting the unique beauty of each iris.

Choose from several print types

You can print on site your iris photos, on professional-quality photo paper, or order an premium printingwith different media on offer (acrylic, canvas, metal, paper).

They visited us:

Influencer Cath Bastien came to visit us with her partner. They ordered a large acrylic frame with a photograph of their irises and a Duo graphic effect. Go to our concept page here to see the video : Concept photo iris Montréal

What does a photo shoot at Artíris look like?

When you visit ARTÍRIS, you can coosing the iris you prefer (yes, your two irises are different 😉) and opt for a graphic effect to enhance your iris.

Once these choices have been made, you will be invited to open your eyes wide so that we can capture every detail of your iris with our specialized equipment. 

While you wait in our comfortable space, tea or coffee in hand, we transform your iris into a veritable work of art.

Each session includes a 5×7″ print with the option of large-format prints.

What does a photo shoot at Artíris look like?

When you visit ARTÍRISYou choose the iris you like (your left and right irises are different 😉 ) and select a graphic effect to enhance it. 

img 6395 1 scaled e1709062692947.jpg

While we capture every detail of your iris with our specialized equipment,Enjoy a moment of relaxation in our comfortable area, with a hot drink in hand. 

We then transform your iris into a work of artwith a print in 5×7″ format included in each session, and the possibility of choosing prints in large format.

Influencer Cath Bastien visited our boutique with her partner. They ordered a large acrylic frame with a photograph of their irises and a Duo graphic effect.

Offer a gift card

Looking for a unique and original gift? Give an iris photograph!

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Would you like more information?

Call us at


Or send us a message here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Do you have any questions?

Yes, 5 years is the minimum age. Below that, although it's not dangerous for the child, it's too difficult to get a clear picture.

It takes 30 minutes for an iris.
Photoshooting, photo editing and validation.

Yes, it is possible to combine several irises in a single photo, as shown in our photo gallery.

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What they think of us

Mehdi BoukhariMehdi Boukhari
20:33 23 Jul 24
Ammar AlhosniAmmar Alhosni
19:09 21 Jul 24
Very good experience .The staff are very nice and they take the time to explain everything. Thank you so much! Can't wait for the results.
Audrey LaflammeAudrey Laflamme
17:40 20 Jul 24
What an incredible experience!! The employees are caring, passionate and their work is beyond magical! We were speechless at the result!! An experience not to be missed and worth trying!!! You do not regret!!
Philippe BourgaultPhilippe Bourgault
17:39 20 Jul 24
What can I say other than wow. Very nice atmosphere, ultra friendly and super professional staff, lots of effects and printing options, magnificent experience and I highly recommend it. Thank you very much to all the employees present.
Michael LafrenièreMichael Lafrenière
20:57 19 Jul 24
Excellent experience with my girlfriend. We have a magnificent setting with our two irises wow! Only positive things here this afternoon. Excellent service.
Excellent experience I recommend 100%
00:30 19 Jul 24
I didn't receive a bag for my frame, I carried it all over Montreal, so the welcome was great
Nathalie BouchardNathalie Bouchard
23:21 18 Jul 24
It was a really great experience. I loved ! The staff explains the process well. I recommend it to you !
Pierre LagacéPierre Lagacé
23:18 18 Jul 24
Great experience! Excellent service.
Karine KalacheKarine Kalache
21:22 18 Jul 24
Chantal MChantal M
16:43 16 Jul 24
Really cool experience! Very welcoming staff and the results are incredible. I recommend!
nicole bouchernicole boucher
15:07 15 Jul 24
I would like to tell you that I love the result of the photo, and I am proud to have this photograph. It's the kind of unconventional art that touches me a lot because it is personal, familial and unique.The special effects and your computer work make the result a little marvel.Thank you and congratulations for your great work and your amazing team 💕I needed after-sales advice for the lighting needed above my acrylic print. I received a detailed and clear response.I have nothing but good things to say about them, from start to finish. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
guesne joffreyguesne joffrey
16:40 07 Jul 24
Crazy welcome, modern boutique, dynamic team, memories for life. Thank you team, we love our eyes
linlin liulinlin liu
15:43 06 Jul 24
Pretty interesting concept and cool arts!
15:51 05 Jul 24
Very professional! Magnificent results!
21:24 04 Jul 24
Very good service. We love our eyes
Caroline MénardCaroline Ménard
19:48 04 Jul 24
Beautiful souvenirs and excellent service
William Rousseau otisWilliam Rousseau otis
18:32 04 Jul 24
A very pleasant & special moment.A professional, gentle and artistic serviceVery nice moment!
caroline couturecaroline couture
18:00 03 Jul 24
Chris BrasherChris Brasher
15:10 28 Jun 24
Amazing results and we LOVE our new ART! The staff here are incredibly friendly. This is a totally UNIQUE souvenir of our vacation. Thank you!
Mélanie CôtéMélanie Côté
20:59 27 Jun 24
Alex AubinAlex Aubin
12:17 27 Jun 24
Émile JuteauÉmile Juteau
22:18 26 Jun 24
Great experience! I highly recommend!
Sarah LajoieSarah Lajoie
22:15 26 Jun 24
Quality service
I took the duo iris photo and it was great, the photos are impressive. The employees know their field very well. I recommend 100%.
Dania GuilbaultDania Guilbault
15:52 23 Jun 24
Really great experience! The employees are friendly and they put no pressure to sell the paintings. This was for a party favor and I highly recommend!
Sabrina ValleeSabrina Vallee
15:35 23 Jun 24
Very nice experience, welcoming staff, super good service! I recommend
21:32 21 Jun 24
Super fun experience! Went with my boyfriend and the whole process took under an hour to receive our 2 included prints with the editing style of our choice. Very impressed with the quality of the photo and prints!
Élodie RoofÉlodie Roof
19:02 21 Jun 24
it was seriously stylish
Matthieu BernardMatthieu Bernard
17:28 21 Jun 24
A unique experience with a smiling and welcoming team.A pleasure for the eyes.I highly recommend.
Olivia KorichiOlivia Korichi
16:54 21 Jun 24
Great time at Artiris, a truly magnificent result and advice for choosing the best "good eye"!Thanks to the whole team.I recommend without hesitation.
Lori HallLori Hall
15:23 21 Jun 24
Very nice experience and memory of my trip to Montreal!
Michelle HarrisMichelle Harris
20:53 20 Jun 24
Very professional friendly staff they made me feel comfortable and I was more then happy with the end result, I found out information about my eyes I never knew before highly recommend 10/10
Raph ThuotRaph Thuot
21:23 18 Jun 24
I loved the experience, we were made to feel very welcome and the end result is very pretty! I recommend if you want to create a romantic memory😊
17 0617 06
21:00 18 Jun 24
Amazing service. Beautiful and overall just a great experience.
Julien MercierJulien Mercier
17:32 18 Jun 24
Super nice experience! Simple, quick and original!
Hasan YilmazHasan Yilmaz
16:19 18 Jun 24
Very nice result, pleasant experience! I highly recommend!
Noémie D.FréchetteNoémie D.Fréchette
22:30 16 Jun 24
A great experience and a great discovery! The team is welcoming and professional.
Great experience, very professional and pleasant.
Simon FréchetteSimon Fréchette
22:28 16 Jun 24
Luc LacailleLuc Lacaille
21:10 16 Jun 24
Superb welcome and photos!!! 🙂
Pascale LacaillePascale Lacaille
21:06 16 Jun 24
A great family experience for Father's Day! Who knew our brown eyes were so special. Very professional team. I recommend 🙂
Patrick DucharmePatrick Ducharme
22:53 15 Jun 24
The coffee was very good!
21:02 15 Jun 24
Very nice welcome 👌🏼 the photos are splendid
gabriel hamelgabriel hamel
19:04 15 Jun 24
Very nice atmosphere and superb teamThey are there for you and their very understanding and very good explanation
odre labrecqueodre labrecque
15:54 15 Jun 24
It was a GREAT experience! You absolutely have to do it once in your life! I recommend 200% and the team is very professional and you can see that they love their work!
Antonio KancsalAntonio Kancsal
21:11 14 Jun 24
Great experience! The staff are very friendly and the pictures turned out great. Came with a small 5 "x7" picture and then you could buy a bigger size. Little pricy, but definitely worth it!
Christine NovitskyChristine Novitsky
21:11 14 Jun 24
Very amazing experience! Our eyes were way more unique than we thought. Everyone was very nice and professional and we were greeted with a choice of tea, coffee, or water. There are many effects you can choose from to add to your pupils and many different frames and sizes you get.You get to take home one 5 by 7 each and choose to purchase a large version. It is expensive but very beautiful. I would highly recommend!
Dodo 972Dodo 972
16:36 13 Jun 24
Very warm welcome, pleasant staff, unforgettable experience. I highly recommend !
Andrew ZeiselAndrew Zeisel
20:44 12 Jun 24
My fiancé and I had an amazing experience at Artiris. Jessie and Francis were super nice and helpful 🙂 thanks for the wonderful experience guys 🙏🏻🫶🏼
Adele MiniaciAdele Miniaci
20:44 12 Jun 24
Jessie and Francis were so nice and welcoming! They made our experience so fun and enjoyable! So amazing and happy to have done this experience 😊
Sean LachapelleSean Lachapelle
20:26 12 Jun 24
Chad WalkerChad Walker
20:31 11 Jun 24
Were really happy with how our eyes look with the effects. It will look nice in our house when we frame them
alex balex b
18:10 11 Jun 24
Great service.The photos are magnificent
Priscyllia LussierPriscyllia Lussier
17:20 11 Jun 24
isabelle siroisisabelle sirois
16:09 11 Jun 24
Excellent service. The technician took the time to explain the entire process to us. Great experience. Lifelong memory of our eyes
Guillaume LangisGuillaume Langis
22:03 09 Jun 24
Superb, beautiful atmosphere, and top notch service!
Karen MacKenzieKaren MacKenzie
21:05 09 Jun 24
Great service and accommodation of requests and questions!
chad roychad roy
20:08 09 Jun 24
J BeaudinJ Beaudin
21:22 08 Jun 24
Great place for unique date!
Tatjana FuhrTatjana Fuhr
00:51 08 Jun 24
Great experience. Finally I have a personalized piece of art to decorate my room.
Kym TremblayKym Tremblay
22:56 07 Jun 24
Excellent service! Very professional. I highly recommend 😌
Claude LapierreClaude Lapierre
22:25 07 Jun 24
A unique concept! Passionate people! A guaranteed success👌🏻
Philipos GarciaPhilipos Garcia
18:10 04 Jun 24
Great experience, we were well served and the result was incredible
Érika DinelÉrika Dinel
18:16 02 Jun 24
Professional and pleasant experience! I highly recommend!
muriel de haromuriel de haro
16:50 02 Jun 24
Great welcome, thank you to the whole team for immortalizing our 3-generation irises. My son and my granddaughter are by my side every day. I live in France they are in Quebec. I recommend this gallery. Take care of yourself.
alyson jutrasalyson jutras
17:07 31 May 24
Super nice experience! Beautiful results
Magali GravelMagali Gravel
18:27 30 May 24
Excellent service! They took the time to show us our photos and explain a little about the anatomy of our Iris. We greatly enjoyed the experience 🙂
Maya ConwayMaya Conway
18:26 30 May 24
Great costumer service and super cool experience. Highly recommend!
Monic LabelleMonic Labelle
18:40 29 May 24
Thanks to the whole team !Very nice moment!😍🤩Many thanks for your special attention!! BIG thank you to the excellence of your achievements!🤗💜🖐The results are precisely magnificent! My boys are happy to see their eyes in their rooms and I am happy with our 3 eyes uniting!!!💚😍✨️🤩🤗💜
Sofenny DiazSofenny Diaz
18:02 29 May 24
I had the incredible fortune of bringing home a true masterpiece. Great service!! A must do in Montreal !! Amazing experience:)
Monserrat Avalo RiosMonserrat Avalo Rios
17:53 29 May 24
Great experience, amazing the way you see yourself in a way you never see before.
Aymeric MAymeric M
21:21 27 May 24
Souhaib BouakkazSouhaib Bouakkaz
22:20 26 May 24
Professional team, I highly recommend
Stephanie Benoit-MasseStephanie Benoit-Masse
16:24 25 May 24
Very nice atmosphere, welcoming and warm staff! I loved ! I highly recommend
Gabriel LefebvreGabriel Lefebvre
21:57 24 May 24
Very pleasant team! Even with a delay on my part, they served us with attention to detail and professionalism!
Nick WilliamsNick Williams
21:12 23 May 24
I loved the product, it's a really an easy process, and the staff was kind and super helpful. Make sure to stop and visit this place in Montreal!
Véronique BuissonVéronique Buisson
16:34 22 May 24
Very attentive staff with a nice explanation of our iris. Wide range of choices.
19:30 20 May 24
We really had an amazing time! Staff are attentive to details and we ordered a large frame. We were able to chose from different sizes and canvas material. We ended up with an epoxy large canvas. This unique experience will be unforgettable.
Camil LessardCamil Lessard
20:26 19 May 24
Jérôme marquisJérôme marquis
23:10 18 May 24
Jennifer ParentJennifer Parent
23:08 18 May 24
I loved my experience, I came without an appointment and I got everything the same day, I thank them very much! They are so kind and kind, very well received, I recommend 100%
Maïka LeclercMaïka Leclerc
15:52 17 May 24
We had a great experience! The employees are super nice and friendly, I recommend to everyone!
15:48 17 May 24
Very nice experience, warm welcome. In short, everything was perfect, I recommend it to everyone!
Line CarignanLine Carignan
18:49 16 May 24
Dana BellefleurDana Bellefleur
21:49 15 May 24
10/10 for the experience, not too long and value for money, it's really worth it! Very nice gift for Parents' Day to make as a family.
olivier rolivier r
14:38 12 May 24
good customer service
Great Service, people are attentive and good atmosphere.
Philippe SimoneauPhilippe Simoneau
14:34 11 May 24
Professional team attentive to your desires! Efficient and talented! A very nice experience to recommend! They will make you a unique work of art and you will definitely be happy with the result! thanks again
Chris BChris B
14:49 05 May 24
22:35 04 May 24
Very warm team, great experience 😀👍
20:18 03 May 24
Very well received!!! She explains the process very well and she listens!!!
Anne-Sophie LantagneAnne-Sophie Lantagne
18:17 03 May 24
Great welcome and great experience! I advise
Edgar PosadasEdgar Posadas
22:14 01 May 24
An extraordinary experience to do as a couple, with family or friends!I recommend it!!!!
Jen LeeJen Lee
16:48 01 May 24
Brought my boyfriend here as a birthday gift and the experience was super fun! We were able to find so many elements in his eyes that we wouldn't have noticed otherwise.Printing price on their website was wrong though and we ended up paying more than expected. So removed a star for that.
Marco CoderreMarco Coderre
17:01 28 Apr 24
Great experience
Lauriane ThibaultLauriane Thibault
19:47 27 Apr 24
Very friendly and welcoming team. We enjoyed the experience and what can we say about the impeccable result!
Mahee TetreaultMahee Tetreault
17:24 27 Apr 24
Very nice welcome!
Selena CappellettiSelena Cappelletti
16:55 27 Apr 24
I had a very great experience the staff are there for your comfort and helps you decide what's best for your eyes!
Al ToranoAl Torano
16:55 27 Apr 24
Lovely welcome and great experience, a very attentive team!
Kim LauzonKim Lauzon
11:22 26 Apr 24
green greengreen green
16:44 25 Apr 24
Courtesy, politeness
Camille CaponCamille Capon
16:23 25 Apr 24
Very cool experience! The employees are super friendly, and take the time to explain everything to us.I recommend going there with friends or as a couple/family, it makes a great souvenir and very unique
16:22 25 Apr 24
Stuffs were friendly, I love the picture of my eyes. Thank you so much 😊
Stanley Jr AyotteStanley Jr Ayotte
15:00 21 Apr 24
Great activity to do alone, with lovers or with family. I advise everyone to come and take a look 😁 10/10
Bianca De MariBianca De Mari
15:00 21 Apr 24
The staff is really welcoming! A great activity to do between a couple or even a family. There are plenty of graphics choices. We really realize that our eyes are unique ✨✨✨ It gives an incredible result 😊
Amy OuelletAmy Ouellet
22:53 20 Apr 24
I loved my experience. The result is magnificent. The ARTiRiS team was very welcoming, friendly and professional with very good advice. I recommend this place, without hesitation.
Catherine FaucherCatherine Faucher
21:54 20 Apr 24
A magnificent experience! 🫶🏻❤️We were welcomed with good coffee. We were well supported from start to finish. The photographer explained to us well the unique details in our eyes. The final photos are unique and of good resolution. Everyone was attentive to our special requests for effects. Thanks again ! I recommend !
21:52 20 Apr 24
Very good service! Very attentive and welcoming staff. Lots of effect choices.
Pierre LalandePierre Lalande
15:54 19 Apr 24
Wonderful memory with my daughter
Cayden NelsonCayden Nelson
19:59 18 Apr 24
Absolutely amazing! Not only did they create the best art work but they also create such a safe and comforting environment. I would definitely go back again 😁💚
alex rubinalex rubin
19:57 18 Apr 24
Super welcoming and friendly!!! A great environment with great staff and great pictures! What an awesome experience. 10/10 recommend 🙂
E FellinE Fellin
15:34 17 Apr 24
The staff were incredible, super kind and passionate about what they do. It was a really nice experience and the product is beautiful!
Christian BeltranChristian Beltran
21:23 14 Apr 24
Special and exceptional experience! Very welcoming and professional staff. An activity that gives you a beautiful memory, highly recommended place!
Emilie Huard-DeryEmilie Huard-Dery
21:19 14 Apr 24
Very welcoming staff, very professional. I loved the explanations given on the composition of the eyes. Magnificent result. THANKS!
Paola Karina Paez T.Paola Karina Paez T.
20:35 14 Apr 24
We loved the experience, even when we cane without an appointment they were able to accommodate us. The place is very nice and clean and they have some games and drinks to pass the time while we wait
Benjamin TaddeoBenjamin Taddeo
20:35 14 Apr 24
We didn't have an appointment but the still fit us in on an extremely busy day. So much variety and options for prints. A unique and cool piece of art for anyone! Options for all types of budgets!
Youri MorissetteYouri Morissette
23:55 13 Apr 24
I loved my experience and very well received/served by Soazik! I recommend this very beautiful concept
Archen TiffanyArchen Tiffany
16:33 12 Apr 24
Very nice experience, the whole team is really wonderful and talented! I highly recommend ☺️And thank you again!
Carolyne RancourtCarolyne Rancourt
02:46 12 Apr 24
I absolutely LOVED my experience at Artiris!! I had my two children with me who were very agitated, I had made this appointment for my partner's birthday but the daycare closed that day, I was never made to feel uncomfortable with my children the team was wonderful and fast !!! I really enjoyed my experience, they are professional and passionate more than anything, they are true artists!!! The photo is spectacular where you can see all the art in the world!! we ordered the frame!! So excited to receive it!!!If you hesitate, don't hesitate any longer, it's an exceptional experience!!!!Thank you very much again to the team!! Hats off to your professionalism!!!!
Annie aglittiAnnie aglitti
22:14 11 Apr 24
The experience was absolutely amazing. Its such a cool concept and the staff and prints are incredible!!! Great verity of effects and choices for prints as well .. I would 100 percent recommend to do this with loved ones and family.
jason denisjason denis
18:02 03 Apr 24
Very professional and welcoming. Very nice product and good quality!
ryan hamelryan hamel
00:27 03 Apr 24
Maxime JanMaxime Jan
16:34 02 Apr 24
Superb welcome, magnificent exhibition and personalization of projects! I highly recommend this place. The staff and advice are perfect. Thanks again for the coffee and tea!
Cynthia GirardinCynthia Girardin
22:26 30 Mar 24
Excellent experience, great time and memory as a couple, we will come back with our son for more memories, I recommend +++, the staff is very welcoming and very attentive!
15:21 30 Mar 24
Great experience, the staff are welcoming and very friendly. They will listen and answer all your questions!
Arnaud LaysArnaud Lays
22:56 17 Mar 24
I recently had a fantastic experience at Artiris Photo in Montreal. Their concept is a sensational gift idea for couples and families. I highly recommend their products for the exceptional quality that guarantees you memorable memories. The staff are incredibly welcoming and provide personalized service that makes the experience even more special. Thanks to the entire team at Artiris Photo!★★★★★
Anthony RotilioAnthony Rotilio
21:19 17 Mar 24
Marie-pier BoisvertMarie-pier Boisvert
20:28 17 Mar 24
A unique experience in itself, we recommend it to everyone!
Felixe LaplanteFelixe Laplante
20:27 17 Mar 24
Patient and attentive team! Thanks for the experience.
Livia IannicielloLivia Ianniciello
17:20 03 Mar 24
Unique experience and ultra friendly staff. Super nice activity to do with the family!
Samuel IannicielloSamuel Ianniciello
17:14 03 Mar 24
Emma GrammerEmma Grammer
02:33 02 Mar 24
My experience was awesome! The staff were very welcoming and caring. The result is incredible! I recommend 1000% 😉
Annie LavalléeAnnie Lavallée
01:38 01 Mar 24
Just wow, impeccable, warm service, very nice experience that I shared with my daughter, thank you
Magnificent experience with people oriented towards customer service. New company arriving in June 2023 and which will continue to grow in the coming months. I wish them much success given the original idea
Yanick PerreaultYanick Perreault
14:50 21 Feb 24
Wow! Very original, very dynamic team and incredible result! Experience that met our expectations... I highly recommend!!
Rachel ChaineyRachel Chainey
22:04 14 Feb 24
A local company that does magnificent work! What a special activity to offer my children! 💞
23:02 11 Feb 24
Very friendly and beautiful professional photo of your eyes!
Marilou DemontignyMarilou Demontigny
16:28 11 Feb 24
Great service and WOW the result!
Frédérique BrassardFrédérique Brassard
17:45 10 Feb 24
Magnificent experience! The passion and attention to detail of the employees produce incredible results! I recommend to everyone 😍
Marc AugerayMarc Augeray
00:00 05 Feb 24
Superb experience, the team is top notch. The result is phenomenal. It is an exceptional gift to give to your family.
Justin-B BlanchetJustin-B Blanchet
21:40 03 Feb 24
Very warm welcome, super friendly and experienced employees! The result is surprising. I recommend 🙂
Louis DuchateauLouis Duchateau
19:10 02 Feb 24
Very good service, super efficient and impressive images. Super friendly and welcoming staffHighly recommended, great experience!
Lucie LamarcheLucie Lamarche
18:52 02 Feb 24
Really nice and welcoming staff!Order delivered in record time (time to grab a bite!)Magnificent photo, it's worth it! 😁Thanks to the whole team (especially to Folichon who runs fast! 😉)
Olivier DervalOlivier Derval
22:10 28 Jan 24
Super nice discovery! family or couples activity I highly recommend and the team is great! thanks again
Chloé TourignyChloé Tourigny
22:03 28 Jan 24
Great discovery! Good idea for activities to do as a couple or as a family. Super nice and helpful staff! I highly recommend 🙂
Tommy GagnéTommy Gagné
21:16 28 Jan 24
Garo NigoghosianGaro Nigoghosian
19:11 28 Jan 24
Wonderful team and magnificence results
sandra morawiczsandra morawicz
19:05 28 Jan 24
Loved my experience - coming back soon. It's a unique way to capture a piece of one's identity
Sandra CarrierSandra Carrier
02:39 28 Jan 24
Suzana BinderSuzana Binder
16:40 27 Jan 24
Great experience and very nice team! The perfect birthday gift 😍
00:26 25 Jan 24
Ginette MartelGinette Martel
22:33 22 Jan 24
Great experience we loved it, we were very well received, the person explained the procedure and all the options very well
Frédérique LabbéFrédérique Labbé
15:56 21 Jan 24
I advise you to live this beautiful experience as a couple or as a family!!!!
Valerie RoyValerie Roy
00:05 21 Jan 24
Great quality, great team, great results!!!! I recommend without hesitation
Éric RicardÉric Ricard
00:03 21 Jan 24
wow! What a great experience! They found us an appointment at the last minute since we were passing through Montreal! Super nice dynamic team
Emilie ChampagneEmilie Champagne
19:45 17 Jan 24
gabrielle corriveaugabrielle corriveau
19:44 17 Jan 24
Great experience, super nice staff!
Sylvie BigueSylvie Bigue
23:56 10 Jan 24
I gave myself this gift and I recommend it to you. The photos are sublime, the team is fantastic, a big thank you to Astoria and Vincent for their professionalism and the warm welcome. I will tell all my contacts about you. Big thank you
Isabelle CharleboisIsabelle Charlebois
15:55 08 Jan 24
A superb experience! A friendly and professional team. Really original concept 🤩
Julien CochezJulien Cochez
23:10 07 Jan 24
I have been looking for a place in Quebec that does this for a long time and here we are. The staff is very pleasant. It was a great time and we thank Artiris very much for their great work. We are satisfied with the result. THANKS.They offer you several options to honor their art. We took several and we have just received our plates, the result leaves us speechless it is simply magnificent thank you thank you thank you and don't hesitate
Julie BélangerJulie Bélanger
19:16 Dec 23
Wow! Professional service and we are very happy with the result! A great project to do as a family. THANKS!!!!
Mélodie DavidMélodie David
18:00 18 Dec 23
Tibo is very friendly ❤️ I highly recommend for a great experience.
Karine GuymarKarine Guymar
02:24 30 Nov 23
My son gave me an incredible surprise by giving me this fabulous experience for Christmas! We were welcomed warmly and professionally! I love this very original gift which is also a work of art! I can't wait to discover this unique present so dear to me at the foot of the tree! THANKS!!!!!
Jarod GuymarJarod Guymar
19:57 29 Nov 23
Thank you for this magnificent and unique experience. Super friendly, creative (common gold) and professional. I recommend !!!
Guylaine TardifGuylaine Tardif
19:05 Nov 25, 23
Very welcoming staff, very beautiful end result and memorable experience. Original concept.
martine fourniermartine fournier
16:20 25 Nov 23
Very friendly and great serviceMagnificent photo 😇
Frédéric MassonFrédéric Masson
20:33 24 Nov 23
Super good service and the final product is beautiful!
Maxime MassonMaxime Masson
20:32 24 Nov 23
Very warm, magnificent result!!
Clara BarcelliniClara Barcellini
23:23 Nov 11, 23
I found out about artiris through Instagram a few months ago and my sweetheart gave me this for our anniversary. We were very well received and the result is incredible.
Tommy ForbesTommy Forbes
23:39 10 Nov 23